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lincoln longwool sheep

Little Longwool Company

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Discover and fall in love with Lincoln Longwool sheep

Welcome to Little Longwool Company!  We sell beautiful rare breed Lincoln Longwool sheep products---lustrous fleeces, curls, roving, yarns, rugs, sheepskins and more.  All our wool products are home grown, natural and earth friendly.  Because we provide a high quality nutritious diet and stress free environment for our sheep, they produce a wool that is exceptionally lustrous and strong.

About Us

Little Longwool Company is the "woolly" side of St. Isidore Farm.

Little Longwool Company was launched to better promote the beautiful products created from the lustrous fleece of rare breed Lincoln Longwool sheep raised by Kate and Andrew Michalski at St. Isidore Farm in Yarker, Ontario, Canada.

Our Team


Kate Michalska

is the shepherdess and owner of Little Longwool Company.  She helps husband Andrew run St. Isidore Farm and in her spare time loves to create beautiful Lincoln Longwool products using traditional earth friendly methods.  She is passionate about this rare breed of sheep and works tirelessly in her efforts to keep it from becoming extinct.  Kate has a keen eye for colour and design and is an accomplished weaver, spinner and knitter.  Her home studio is a hive of activity with wool being washed, dried, spun and woven.  Two looms are always warped and on the go.  She enjoys guiding new students in their fibre arts journey and offers beginner weaving lessons.

Jaana Parks

is a friend and co-founder of Little Longwool Company.  You may know her as the owner of The Piggery Gallery, a former local fine arts and crafts store.  In June 2023, after 11 years in business, Jaana closed her gallery permanently to partner with Kate at Little Longwool Company.  She loves creating slowmade all natural wool products from the fleeces of Kate's rare breed Lincoln Longwool sheep.  Jaana considers herself a rogue spinner and weaver---after learning the basics, she constantly breaks the rules and comes up with unconventional methods that work for her.  She is drawn to rich earthy colours and lots of texture which is evident in her work.  Jaana is delighted to work alongside Kate to promote and help save the beautiful Lincoln Longwool sheep!



Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you!  If you wish to book a farm tour or pick up Lincoln Longwool products in person at Kate's working studio, please contact us to arrange for an appointment.

619 Bethel Road

Yarker, ON, Canada  K0K 3N0

Tel: 613-377-6302

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